Mediation And Divorce Coaching

While divorce and divorce-related matters can often be extremely stressful, it is helpful to understand that there are available options that will make the divorce process go more smoothly. This includes alternatives to litigation such as mediation available to resolve your divorce. And there are also a number of actions you can take to make your divorce less contentious and ultimately more beneficial to everyone concerned.

What Is Divorce Mediation?

When deciding upon a divorce, the fear of most couples is that the process will be contentious, lengthy and expensive. For this reason, divorce mediation in Connecticut has become increasingly popular over time. Divorce mediation allows for you to obtain a divorce without the costs of divorce litigation. The process allows for a mediator to identify issues and help precipitate an amiable resolution concerning divorce, child custody and property division questions.

While there is no requirement to retain an attorney to represent you at the mediation, an attorney accustomed to resolving cases through the mediation process can prove beneficial. For one, mediation may not be effective in every divorce case. An experienced attorney can review the circumstances of your case with you and recommend whether mediation would be useful for you. Also, even though a mediator is there to help foster resolution, the mediator cannot represent your interests. Just as in a litigated divorce, it is good to have experienced legal counsel on your side to provide you guidance.

Attorney Michael Culkin routinely represents individuals in divorce mediation, as well as provides representation in divorce and child custody matters. While he will work toward resolving divorce matters smoothly, he will also fight to protect your interests whether in mediation, negotiation or trial.

The Divorce Coaching Services We Provide

Some of the most costly mistakes couples make during divorce are largely due to failures in understanding the divorce process. A divorce coach can provide you advice prior to the divorce. Such coaching allows for you to make prudent decisions and to avoid making mistakes that may ultimately impact your ability to gain custody of your child, split property and marital assets, and pay or receive alimony or child support payments. Having a divorce coach available allows for you to have someone to address your concerns and answer your questions. A divorce coach can also help you organize your files and financial documentation when presenting information to the court.

The experience that Michael Culkin has both as a trial lawyer and divorce attorney allows for him to understand common mistakes individuals make when filing for divorce. He makes himself available to listen to your concerns, and he provides guidance throughout the entire divorce process.

Discuss Your Legal Options Concerning Divorce With An Experienced Lawyer

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